Spiders: Annoying Pest
The folks at Huffington Post recently queried Google to find out the most annoying, most-searched pests in all 50 states - and here in the Cowboy State, it appears spiders take the honors. Here's a quick rundown of the most common ones you'll find in Wyoming.
Spider Yelling Makes Spider Freak Out
More people are afraid of spiders than not. This comes from no specific survey or study, but that's just the way it seems. Having fun with a spider who happens to be just hanging around this guy's place. They learned something very comical when you yell at a spider, or, at least, this spider.
What are Wyoming’s Most Venomous Spiders?
Having found numerous fuzzy and off-colored spiders around my home and work office in the last week, I decided it was time to do a little research. Wyoming has a plethora of different species of arachnid, but two stand out enough to make the Venombyte...
Guy Rides Giant Spider [VIDEO]
You thought your Halloween costume was pretty sweet then this guy walks in rides into the party. There goes the first place prize of a bottle of Schnapps and bragging rights until next year.