A Song About The Wyoming Wind
This last week we had a horrible wind storm that swept the entire state of Wyoming. Halting lighter trucks and trailers to a stop on our interstate and blowing your yard fixtures all across the neighborhood.
Former Casper Resident 'Statik G' Releases New Music Video
It seems the key to a successful music career for Casper residents is to actually leave Casper.
Statik G (also known as Statik Gesus and formerly as Statik The Godfather) is still keeping the horrorcore genre alive and making tenacious moves at growing his RhymeSick brand and label aro…
Does Our Cowboy State Have A State Song?
So, what’s in the lyrics of a song? I think in this case it’s not so much the lyrics but who wrote them that was priceless, or in this case, pricey! Someone shelled out almost $200-thousand dollars for the lyrics that were handwritten by Bruce Springsteen himself, of one of his bigge…

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