Scoop the Poop

'Scoop The Poop' Voting Open
We asked you for your photos and you delivered. Now we need your help to crown the official spokesdog for the 2016 Scoop The Poop campaign! Vote now for your favorite dog!
Scoop the Poop Photo Contest
We all love dogs, and all the gifts they give – well, all except one. We need your help finding the official 2016 spokesdog for the City’s “Scoop The Poop” campaign.
2015 ‘Scoop the Poop’ Contest
Old dogs can be the best dogs. They’re loyal, wise, and have been around the block a time or two. Listen to the voice of reason – that old dog may be trying to tell you something, and the City Of Casper agrees. It’s time to Scoop The Poop! Submit your photo now!
2014 Scoop The Poop Mascot Contest Winner
Meet Koda, the winner of the 2014 Scoop The Poop Mascot Contest! Koda is the official 2014 spokesdog for the City’s “Scoop The Poop” campaign! This lucky canine will be plastered around town on billboards, plus receive a photo shoot, a 20×24 canvas mounted print from Beart…

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