Wyomingites: Do You Wash Your Canned Drink Lids Before Use? [POLL]
Pop, soda, beer and energy drinks... we all consume one or the other, but with all the germs floating around, how many Cowboy State residents actually take the time to wash the tops of the cans before drinking out of them? Considering the myriad of things that can effect your lids, ranging from storage hazards, hand-to-hand germs and air borne pathogens, cleaning your lids just seems like a no bra
Filter Works So Good It Can Get The Water from Coke
Water filters are great. They filter out most of the bad stuff to give you a better, cleaner water. Perfect if you're using tap water or well water. There have been other filters like those life straws where you can drink straight from dirty ponds and such which I'd still be afraid to try. This guy shows off this filter by literally filtering Coca-Cola into water. But, it can't work all that great
Pop or Soda? Dinner or Supper? – Which Term Do You Use? [POLL]
Two words that mean the exact same thing are pretty common in the English language.  Some of these terms are a regional saying or just how one's parents used them, so they are inherited.  Certain words, more than others seem to spark debate.  Do you say "pop" or "soda"?  "Dinner" or "supper"? The list goes on.  Let's settle this once and for all.

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