Wyoming's Rich History Through Photos
There are a ton of places around the United States that have lost that old time feeling as time goes on they seem to move right along with it. However, Wyoming still has a few places that take us straight back in time and remind us of how simple things used to be.
Tee Roy's Question Of The Day
Some day, you will see me wandering down the street in a sweater, black tube socks, and a thong. That's how you'll know that I've officially accepted the fact that I am old. I'll also be slapping young women on the butts...and I may even use my hand...
Tee Roy's Question Of The Day
Getting old sucks. Sure, you can always pull the "you're only as old as you feel!" line, but honestly, my body hurts. I may act like I'm 12, but I feel like I'm 107. Thanks, kids!
What makes you feel old? It's bound to happen soon enough; every once in a while, n…