6 Everyday Things No Self-Respecting Man Should Do Naked
Britain's University of Nottingham field hockey team (men playing field hockey? Yeah, Europe is tres weird, right?) recently played an all-nude match to stop homophobia in sports. Their hearts are in the right place (literally -- we can see them since they're shirtless), but couldn't …
Tee Roy's Question Of The Day
I would be naked every single minute of every single day...if the judge hadn't put a stop to it. While there are a few times where it would be inconvenient, there are quite a few more where it would downright stupid. Like when you're wrenching on heavy equipment...
Vegan Chefs Do it Naked on New Cooking Show
Combining nudity and cooking sounds unappealing and dangerous as far as hobbies we'd like to take on, as we have yet to find an oven mitt engineered to keep our prized family jewels from being charbroiled. However, we're totally into being a spectator.
App Makes Everyone ‘Naked’
There are plenty of people whom you'd like to see naked, right? That hot blonde at the office, the neighbor with the Hipster glasses, Betty White. Thanks to a new app, you can see anyone 'naked,' and you won't even face criminal prosecution.
Naked Texas Guy Found Living in Mountain Cave

If you ask us, few things are better than kicking back, putting our legs up, and letting our third leg get some open-air action. If we could be naked all the time, you sure as hell know we would be, and letting our big D’s breathe every once in a while is a normal necessity for most guys. Unless you…
What Do Women Want?
A couple weeks ago, I set up a survey to ask the ladies of Casper (or anywhere else that wanted to take part) what they want.

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