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Woody Allen’s Amazon TV Series Will Star Miley Cyrus … Yes, Really
We weren’t quite sure what to make of news that Woody Allen would develop his first TV project for Amazon (evidently, neither was Woody), and our days of confusion are certainly coming to a middle. Not only do we know that Allen himself will star in the ‘60s-set project with Elaine May, but so too will … Miley Cyrus? What? Come on, that can’t be right. There’s no way we’re prin -
SNL Ranked: Miley Cyrus and Her Wackiness Don’t Do Much for the Season 41 Premiere
SNL is back! Season 41 kicks off with famed tongue-wagging pop star Miley Cyrus pulling double duty as both host and musical guest, and regardless of how you feel about her music career, the last time Cyrus hosted was a total delight. New featured player Jon Rudnitsky makes his debut in the premiere, which leans heavy on the political content and offers a decent — though not nearly great — first outing for the season. Read on for our official ranking of this week's sketches!
Miley Cyrus Shows Up For Jimmy Kimmel Live! Pretty Much Topless [Video]
Something was a little off about Miley Cyrus' appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the other night.  And that something was her bra.  The singer decided to come on show wearing a 'cape-like' top and only pasties on underneath.  This on it's own isn't newsworthy or even that entertaining, but Kimmel did what Kimmel does best, and that's turn something like this into a riot...

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