University Creates a Marvel Movies Course
We've seen college course offerings focus on the 'Harry Potter' universe, comic books, and even one specifically for 'The Walking Dead,' but now it's Marvel's turn to educate younglings about the intricacies of their Cinematic Universe.
Nebula, the Deadliest Cosplayer in the Galaxy
Zoe Saldana's Gamora may be considered the deadliest assassin in the galaxy, but we're singing a different tune after seeing this Nebula cosplay. As Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' hits more milestones, the latest being its rise to the No. 1 movie of the summer, more cosp…
7 Little Known Super Hero Facts [VIDEO]
As an avid comic book fan, I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable at all things super-heroic. But here are a few little known comic books. Some of these I knew, some I didn't and some I actually even forgot. No matter what though, these were pretty interesting. Have you ever noticed when …
Marvel to Reveal a Top Secret New Project at Comic-Con 2013?
The 2013 Comic-Con is still a few months away (July 18-21) but we're already starting to hear rumors of what movies could be coming to San Diego this summer. While there was some concern that Marvel might opt out of Comic-Con to instead focus on the D23 Expo, we now have word that Marvel will be at …

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