Kevin Bacon

‘The Darkness’ Trailer: Kevin Bacon’s Creepy Kid Is Menacing the Whole Family
Like Sinister before it, Blumhouse Productions’ new horror film also boasts a famous leading man — this time Kevin Bacon — coping with something supernatural that’s tormenting his family. The Darkness incorporates Native American mythology, a creepy kid and some mysterious black handprints in the company’s latest bid to spook you senseless. And if that doesn’t sound too appealing, The Darkness comes from Greg McLean, the director of beloved Aussie horror flick Wolf Creek.
Fox Orders Up Mindy Kaling with a Side of Bacon, 5 New Shows
Well, it’s not all bad news.  As shows like ‘Breaking In,’ ‘Alcatraz,’ and ‘The Finder‘ fall by the wayside, FOX has given life to at least five new series for the coming season.  But of the five currently approved for season orders, what might some castings mean for actors currently engaged on on other shows?