Iron Man

Casper Could Be Seeing It’s Own Superhero Sooner Than We Think
I am a huge comic book/superhero fan ever since birth I have loved the idea of being a superhero. I know that sounds absolutely insane. But I did stumble across one of the best big boy toys that I've seen in my entire life, and to be honest I can't believe that someone in Casper hasn't ordered this off the internet yet.
Iron Man’s Gauntlet Can Be Yours to Burn Stuff With — But Without Blasters
Everyone wants to be that "playboy, billionaire philanthropist" known as Iron Man, but unlike Batman or Superman, it requires more effort on the part of the fan or cosplayer to conjure a realistic-looking armored costume. It doesn't seem like too much of a stretch for Patrick Priebe of Laser Gadgets, though, as he has already constructed a real-life version of the Iron Man gauntlet compl
Pop Cultural Reasons Why Nick Was A 22-Year-Old Virgin [PHOTOS]
So, I went through most of my life as a virgin. 22 years to be exact. There were a multitude of reasons for this, but I never really thought about them...until I found myself immersed in them via a host of Halloween costumes. These costumes reminded me that there certain aspects of pop culture that prevented me from losing my virginity. Of course, it couldn't have been that no girls wanted to slee
William Shatner Covers Black Sabbath [AUDIO]
Thanks to the good folks at, we now have the full length version of William Shatner's first single off of his new album "Seeking Major Tom" (due in stores October 11th...pre-order here). As we mentioned a couple months ago, Shatner has teamed up with some of rock's biggest names, including Johnny Winter, Peter Frampton, and more...