Eight Year Olds Cage Fighting In England [VIDEO]
MMA is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and people of all ages are lining up to compete...including these two eight year olds from the UK. While police have investigated the parents for child cruelty, there were no charges filed, as there are no laws against Child Cage Fight…
Wife Sues Husband…While They’re Still Married
From “I do” to “I sue!” A woman in England sued her husband, but she claims they are still happily married! Helen Hutcheson, 46, took her dentist hubby John to court because she claimed he didn’t pay her enough when she took a …
Buffalo Bill Would Envy Him..Er, Her
There are a lot of "do-it-yourself" projects. A sex change operation is not one of them. A 22-year-old man in England apparently carried out a DIY castration in an effort to switch genders.