Dress Code

Casper School Says No To ‘Poo’ Emoji On Clothing
A recent Facebook post from Fort Caspar Academy has brought to light an interesting matter about dress code. The school's Principal took to social media giving parents a heads up that clothing decorated with the 'Poo' Emoji is not allowed at the school.
Students Proposed Revised Dress Code
To enhance the learning of the Three Rs, some students Monday proposed a revised, but still modest, dress code for the Natrona County School District that starts by covering the Four Bs.
Students Plan To Address School Board Tonight
Some students who oppose the Natrona County School District's new dress code intend to speak to board members at the bimonthly meeting at 7: 30 p.m. today. Two weeks ago, students said they first learned of the dress code when they saw a video produced for the district that illustrated what is and what is not appropriate...
Kelly Walsh Principal Is Ready For The School Year, And Dress Code Enforcement
The school district's new dress code won't pose a big problem at Kelly Walsh High School despite a group of students who are saying they will deliberately disobey it when the school year starts next month, its principal said Thursday. "It's a board policy and we're going to follow the board policy, and enforce it like we believe everyone else will," Brad Diller said...
NCSD Releases Dress Code Guidelines Video
The Natrona County School District recently released a video explaining the new dress code policy for Natrona County Schools. The video shows students and parents what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to wear to school.

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