Tom Hiddleston Dancing in Korea
Tom Hiddleston, best known for his role as the sinister Loki in the Thor movies as well as The Avengers, has been getting some attention on the Internet recently. He did his impersonation of what Owen Wilson as Loki would be like recently and now, this. He decided to show the South Korean audience t…
Harlem Shake Invades University of Wyoming
As Harlem Shake Mania continues to sweep the internet, the country, and you guessed it... even Wyoming, the comparisons to other videos run rampant. Having created a Harlem Shake video of my own with my fellow co-workers(see here), I have high expectations/standards for other videos in the same cate…
Dancing Kid at Pacers / Rockets Game Can Dance Better Than You
You see scenarios where they put the cameras on the crowd often at sporting events. They have kiss cams, reaction cams and more. You gotta love the dance cams. It's when they play a song to fill in time while the players figure out what they're doing, put the cameras on unsuspecting victims in hopes…
Michelle Jenneke Shakes Her Hips In Pre-Race Warm-Up
I usually cheer for Team USA, but Michelle Jenneke makes sure all eyes are on Australia. She was in the World Junior Championships in Barcelona representing Australia in the 100 meter hurdles when her pre-race warm-up made us even forget there was a race about to happen.

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