CBS ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ May Not Premiere Until Fall
The exit of showrunner Bryan Fuller understandably delayed CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery from its initial January 2017 premiere, but recent reports suggested there was no guarantee for its May rescheduling, either. Now, CBS reveals the series could be delayed as far back as fall, but definitely further than May.
‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Klingons Might Look Completely Different
The unveiling of Klingons in Star Trek Into Darkness gave further indication of how modern Trek might expand upon classic alien designs, so might CBS’ upcoming Star Trek: Discovery do the same? An apparent leak from the set purports to show Klingons looking very different than we’re used to, potentially shaking up continuity in the process.
Watermelon To The Face Is Sad… But Funny [VIDEO]
I have never been real big on reality television. Maybe that's why I'm just now seeing this YouTube footage of a woman catapulting a watermelon... into her own face!!! The footage comes from a 2010 episode of the CBS series The Amazing Race...

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