Car Crash

Man Miraculously Walks Away After Horrific Motorcycle Crash [VIDEO]
Let this video of a motorcyclist crashing at top speed into a passing truck be a lesson to all drivers: Motorcycles are dangerous, riders should always wear a helmet and Ryan Gosling probably won’t be around to smooth things over when the two drivers meet. Despite the severity of the crash (which shatters the motorcycle in question), its rider miraculously gets up and walks it off.
Ever Seen A Car Explosion? [VIDEO]
I've seen a car fire, but never stuck around long enough to see the one is and it's pretty crazy! What I really like is the fact that none of the firefighters are scared or even cringe when it explodes.  All part of the job I guess...
Father and Son Thrown from Car, Both Survive [VIDEO]
Check out this incredible video. A man and his son, who from the looks of it can't be older than 4 or 5, are thrown from the rear window of their car. The amazing part is that the man is up and moving after only a couple of seconds and according to reports, the son came away from the crash with only minor injuries, too. Incredible.

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