Come Enjoy All You Can Eat Breakfast At The Elks Lodge
Sunday morning breakfast at the Elks is back, starting April 6th, from 8am until 11am. Come and enjoy all you can eat of omelettes made to order, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, french toast, fried or scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, coffee, tea, juice, milk and much, much more.
Tee Roy's Question Of The Day
The only time I ever eat breakfast is when I go out with my wife every other Saturday. It's not that I'm anti-food, I just am not usually hungry until around 10 A.M. That's why I love Ponchos. They're open 24/7, and they make some killer breakfast burritos - available all day...
New Breakfast Sandwich Maker Might Be The Best Invention Ever
Screw Wheaties, dude. Breakfast sandwiches are the 'Breakfast of Champions.' Put it this way: after your last bender, did you wake up hungry for a bowl of fiber-y wheat or were you searching for savory meat, fluffy eggs and melted cheese — all wrapped up in a toasted English muffin..…