Bad Lip Reading

‘The Walking Dead’ Dubbed with Bad Lip Reading
Fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ know that the show tends to get more than a little grim, so it’s great to see this Bad Lip Reading video take the air out of one of the most suspenseful shows on TV.
One of the great things about Bad Lip Reading is how the videos manage…
Bad Lip-Reading of Football Has Everyone Laughing [VIDEO]
The latest installment from Bad Lip-Reading covers football. The previous installments have been political, from movies or even mash-up music videos, but this one gets an inside look at what sports players, referees and people on the side-lines are saying. Sports fan or not, this is hilarious.
Twilight Gets a ‘Bad Lip Reading’ [VIDEO]
Our friends with the YouTube channel BadLipReading have been known mostly for musical mash-ups and political campaigns. Now they're going to try their hand in the movie series 'Twilight' by giving a bad lip reading to Edward and Bella.