This sure seems like an example of law enforcement officials overreacting to a situation.

The SWAT team was after a man who had a gun on him and was shooting at them, and the gunman decided to go into a random house to get away. While it's understandable that they needed to take this man down at all costs, they ended up having a 20 hour standoff with one man. ONE MAN! It took them 20 hours just to take down one man, and there were 50 SWAT members. On top of that, they destroyed the house that he was in by firing who knows how many rounds into it. 

The damage caused during the situation was around $250,000 and who knows who will pay for it. If the cost isn't covered by the government, the owner of the home should definitely file a lawsuit, which would be completely justified.

Fifty SWAT members should take about five minutes to take down one man.