Linkin Park and Sublime With Rome butted heads recently after a weed bust in Tuscon, Ariz., left Sublime without their sweet leaf. Although Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda denied the band's involvement in the bust, Sublime singer Rome Ramirez shared that the official police report pointed towards Linkin Park. Now, the police report has been released in full.

Hilariously dubbed the 'Linkin Nark' situation by Rome, the singer tweeted that Linkin Park called the cops because of allergies to marijuana smoke. It's possible that someone had called police on behalf of Linkin Park, which Shinoda called "out of line" if that did indeed occur. Either way, the newly released police report backs up what Rome claimed from the very beginning.

The report (obtained by Phoenix New Times) reads, "I was approached by the security for the band, Lincoln Park [sic]. We were advised by one of the security guards that one of the band members was complaining about another band, known as Sublime, smoking marijuana next door. The smoke was irritating one of the band members and his is, indeed, allergic to the marijuana smoke. They were requesting for us to talk to the band to tell them to stop smoking the marijuana inside."

It continues, "We could smell an overwhelming odor of burnt marijuana in the hallway and approaching the door. The door was unlocked and as we proceeded in, we noted that there was nobody in the room itself; however, in plain view, were several bags of marijuana."

The Pima County Sheriff's Department confiscated the weed, a glass pipe, Zigzags and several roaches.

While the police report does suggest that someone from Linkin Park's camp did in fact rat out Sublime With Rome, none other than Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda sent out a funny tweet making fun of the 'Linkin Nark' incident and boy band One Direction's recent weed scandal:

Stay tuned for more updates as news breaks, and if you want to have a laugh, type #LinkinNark into Twitter.

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