According to a new study, Casper is the 12th safest city in the country and Cheyenne isn't far behind, ranking 62nd.

Wallet Hub's 2017 Safest Cities report compared 182 cities across America on a variety of factors, including crime, fatal car accidents, law enforcement resources, financial security and the likelihood of weather-related catastrophes.

Casper had an overall safety score of 83.42, ranking 18th in the category of "Home and Community Safety" and 24th for "Natural Disaster Risk".

Cheyenne ranked 56th for "Financial Safety", 62nd overall, with an composite score of 78.23.

Nashua, New Hampshire, was the safest city in the study, followed by South Burlington, Vermont, Warwick, Rhode Island, Columbia, Maryland, and Gilbert, Arizona.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, ranked last. St. Louis, Missouri, San Bernadino, California, Oklahoma City and Detroit rounded out the bottom five.

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