Star Wars fanatics across Wyoming are preparing for the premiere of The Last Jedi this week. However, there may be a disturbance in the force, thanks to the Mountain Garrison 501st Legion of Stormtroopers. 

According to their website, the MG501 is "assigned to Earth, to protect and serve the Emperor and the members of the Galactic Empire. With over 150 members, the Mountain Garrison is assigned the task of maintaining security across the states of Wyoming and Colorado."

Fortunately for their opponents, the force remains strong in the Cowboy State.

Last year, students at Powell High School used the force to create their own lightsabers in art class when their original plan to build a replica of the Millennium Falcon proved too complicated. The class project culminated with a lightsaber duel in front of the entire school.

At the University of Wyoming, Professor Ryan Cross encourages students to battle the dark side in his English 4640 course "Star Wars and Medievel Literature".

Several students from the Cowboy State have also graduated from Disney's Jedi Training Academy, including this group of Wyoming Padawans.



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