Steel Panther have just released their latest masterpiece, 'All You Can Eat,' and once again, heavy metal has been saved. By now, we all know the tales told within the album, but what about the divine cover art? We've got the exclusive video of how Steel Panther created their personal version of The Last Supper for 'All You Can Eat.'

Being the saviors of heavy metal, it only makes sense that singer Michael Starr take the place of Jesus for the 'All You Can Eat' album cover, while the instrumental section of the band make up three of the 12 disciples. The other nine disciples are played by hot chicks, who affectionately fawn all over Steel Panther and even get a little frisky with each other!

Before getting to the awesome 'All You Can Eat' cover, the boys took photos as gangsters, martial artists and their own amazing selves. If you don't quite understand the meaning behind 'The Burden of Being Wonderful,' this video will clear up the confusion.

Any man would be jealous of the Steel Panther members, who have gorgeous women crawling all over them during the 'All You Can Eat' cover shoot. However, for Steel Panther themselves, this is actually fairly tame compare to the attention they usually get from the opposite sex. Take a listen to '17 Girls in a Row' if you doubt us.

Check out this behind-the-scenes clip of Steel Panther's 'All You Can Eat' photo shoot in the video above! And be sure to pick up 'All You Can Eat' at iTunes or Amazon, and don't forget to catch the band on their spring North American tour.