The 2017 total solar eclipse, visible in Wyoming, will offer locals a chance to experiencing something rare and amazing.

A little lesser known opportunity to view some rare and spectacular star gazing actually starts this week and will be visible for about 3 weeks.

Starting this Wednesday night (Jan. 20th), Wyoming will be able to see 5 planets in the night sky (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn).  All five of these planets are due to an align in the cosmos, something that hasn’t happened in ten years.

According to the Weather channel, Jupiter will rise first followed by Mars, Saturn, Venus then Mercury. The timing of the planets rise will vary each day and depend on location on Earth.

To view all five in Wyoming, you will need to be an early riser, as all five of the planets will be visible together about an hour before dawn.

If you’re a beginning star gazer, there are tons of phone apps you can download and use to help you find all of the planets, including Google Skymap, Cosmos, Planetarium and more. Here’s a list of several helpful apps recommended by the Huffington Post.

Of course, dress warm and check the weather for overcast skies and then - Enjoy the View!!