ViralHog just published this video of a man grilling up some sausages in a Wyoming snowstorm. I guess this isn't normal to some people, but most Wyomingites call it Thursday. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who barbeques all year long. Isn't it just common practice to shovel a path to the grill when clearing the driveway? And speaking with some experience with winter BBQs, the cold isn't the challenge in Wyoming. It is the wind. You don't want your weenies to blow away. That is a party foul.

My fiancé enjoying the Wyoming snowstorm while drinking a beer and roasting us some sausages over a homemade bonfire fire. A typical Wyomingite, the cold doesn’t phase him. Located a few miles out of Cheyenne, WY - The YouTube Description reads.

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