It's a matter of fact. You can rarely go to a concert these days without assorted audience members attempting to Scorsese the heck out of the concert on their phones, capturing the moments on video for posterity. But what if these fan videographers got coordinated for a show? You might get a pretty cool video, and that's what Slipknot are sharing with a new clip for "Before I Forget." But, on the flip side, you may get called out by a fan for being a hypocrite, if you're Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor.

In August 2015, Slipknot played the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colo., and fan-shot footage from their performance was collected by the band from fan submissions and has been used to show the song "Before I Forget" from an audience perspective. You get a mix of views from the back of the venue all the way to those who were close enough to the stage to get shots of the band in their element. There's also plenty of crowd shots to show the energy of a Slipknot show. You can check out the video above.

Though fan footage was helpful in this situation, it's a mixed bag where phones are concerned on the concert experience in general. Just last summer, Slipknot's Corey Taylor slapped a cell phone out of the hand of a concertgoer after he caught the person texting during their show. "If you're gonna text, stay home," tweeted Taylor after the show. He revealed that he and the audience member actually had a laugh over the texting slap down, but stated, "It doesn't mean I, with a broken neck and still playing a show, can't get pissed that someone's ignoring it."

In fact, after Slipknot released this new video, a fan called out Taylor on Twitter, with Corey admitting his hypocrisy:

After a heavy year of touring in 2016, it looks as though Slipknot are getting a break from the road in 2017. Meanwhile, Taylor's other band, Stone Sour, are expected to return to the spotlight this year.

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