A recent BBC poll named Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ the second best guitar riff of all time and Slash has commented on the accolade, but what he said might surprise you. The legendary guitarist told Australia's Triple M station that he finds the poll “impossible to take seriously."

He added, “I definitely don’t sit there and go, ‘Yeah, it’s the greatest riff.’ But it’s very surreal when somebody says something like that. It’s almost like … impossible to take seriously.” Slash continued, “It’s not tangible. I mean, obviously, someone is walking around saying that and there’s been some sort of poll. But it’s also nonexistent as far as … you know, it's really hard to really take seriously.”

Slash also said that he is “very appreciative about it” but he has taken it with “a grain of salt” and will “try not to dwell on it and take it too seriously.”

The BBC poll names Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love” as the greatest riff of all-time, followed by GN'R’s “Sweet Child O’ Mine,’ AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black,’ Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water,’ and Derek and the Dominos’ ‘Layla.”

‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ was the second single peeled off Guns N’ Roses multi-platinum debut album ‘Appetite for Destruction.’ It became a huge hit in the summer of 1988 and is the band’s only number one single. Check out Slash's full chat with Triple M in the audio player below.

Slash Talks to Triple M About BBC Song Riff Poll