It was already known that Incubus were at least collaborating with Sonny Moore, best known as dubstep artist Skrillex, and now it has come to light that the musician had further involvement on the band's new record, 8.

Incubus guitarist Michael Einziger was a guest on the Beats 1 radio show Request (audio below) discussing the forthcoming record from Incubus, which was produced by Dave Sardy. But not as well known is that Moore ended up lending his production skills to the disc as well.

“It’s an interesting co-production situation where we were very close to being finished with our album," the guitarist began. "And we have a song called 'Familiar Faces' that he ended up kind of making some significant changes to and it was really exciting to us. And we kind of just in a very organic way thought hey maybe we should address a couple of other songs, that we thought maybe could use some changing in someway, we just had no idea."

Einziger continued, "And we ended up going through the entire album. So he ended up co-producing most of the songs—or at least a bunch of the songs and mixing all of the songs. And it came out sounding really exciting to us." He went on to mention they were only supposed to spend one day in the studio, but it turned into a two week process as more work was done. "It just kind of energized everybody in the band and we’re really excited about the album, we can’t wait for people to hear it," he added.

Fans who are worried that Incubus have hopped aboard the dubstep train needn't worry according to the guitarist. "Skrillex is a really tasteful, very artful producer. He’s got great taste," Einziger commented.

Moore also recently rejoined his screamo outfit From First to Last after a 10 year absence from the band.

No exact date has been locked down as of yet regarding the release of 8, but Incubus have already booked out a summer of touring with Jimmy Eat World. For a list of stops, head to our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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