It's on! Sixx: A.M. will be back with their third studio album on Oct. 7 this fall. The group confirmed the street date in a new tweet, though a few other key details are still a mystery.

The group has yet to reveal the title of their new album, though they hinted in late June that they knew the official release date for their upcoming single. The band has also completed photo sessions for the album and did their first music video.

Back in mid-June, the group posted that they thought the lead single would be a track called 'Gotta Get It Right' and suggested it might arrive by July, but with just a couple of days left in the month, that timeline now seems unlikely. Other song titles that have been mentioned as possibilities for the disc include 'Stars,' 'Let It Haunt You,' 'Hyperventilate' and 'Relief.'

Speaking with Nikki Sixx at the beginning of the creative process for the new album, the bassist revealed that the band would not be following the "book companion" format that their first two albums did. He stated, "This time we really want to fly on our own. We started out the songwriting process by having conversations about how far we can push ourselves musically … Our conversations were, ‘Let’s go as far to the left as we can, musically’ and once we finish up [we'll have] a handful of songs that are pretty out there … I don’t even want to use any kind of references because it’ll throw people and they won’t really understand what I’m talking about. But we’re just taking a lot of chances musically and at this point nothing sounds at all like Sixx: A.M. that you would know, because we’re taking such huge leaps of faith that we’re going to land on our feet."

Sixx has also confirmed that the trio, who doesn't have a full-time drummer, was able to utilize Foo Fighters skins master Taylor Hawkins for contributions to the upcoming disc. Stay tuned for more Sixx: A.M. album details as they arrive.

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