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Winter Car Hacks
If you are looking for ways to make this long winter a little less uncomfortable, here are 5 winter car hacks you need to try.
Mosquitoes in Winter?
Let's face it, one of the BIG perks to winter is not having to worry about those disease carrying suckers. But, with the warmer than normal temperatures, it is not that far fetched.
Emotional Support Chicken Allowed on Flights
Whether it be a dog, or a cat or in some cases a pig or a squirrel. Some people feel that they mentally cannot handle the stress of travelling, without the comfort of the animal to calm them.
What if Rudolph Was a Festive Horror Film
in 2018, the movie is under fire, because internet trolls believe the story promotes bullying and violence. Well, the trolls are going to LOVE the movie "Fear Of The Deer."