The pain is REAL!  When you've got to go, well... any wait in line is extremely painful.  But are we ready for a real solution?

Researchers may have solved the problem with restroom lines.  Especially for women who can sometime wait for several minutes in a line for the bathroom.

According to a study done in Belgium, there might be a way to speed up lines at every sporting event, concert, festival and it might even work for the huge lines we're about to stand in at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Guys have it way easier than ladies when it comes to this bathroom dilemma.  But I'm not sure the US is ready to share restrooms as evident in recent transgender debates over restroom usage.  But in all honesty, it could be a solution to the debate as a whole.

I can tell you one thing, no guy would want to be caught leaving a restroom without washing his hands.  Yes, I went there.

Let us know your thoughts.  Would you like to see restrooms converted to Unisex facilities and open to all at every stadium, arena and yes, even Cheyenne Frontier Days??

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