The Natrona County Sheriff's Office took a report today of an individual who was scammed out of $1,200 in an ongoing fraud, Sheriff's Sgt. Aaron Shatto said Friday.

The Sheriff’s Office is continuing to receive telephone calls concerning an ongoing telephone scam, and the warnings bear repeating, Shatto said in a news release.

Individuals call area residents and identify themselves as current Natrona County Sheriff’s deputies or use fictitious names.

They tell residents they missed jury duty and have an active warrant for their arrests.

While they have them on the telephone, they try to gather personal information and request they pay the warrant over the telephone.

The Sheriff’s Office again reminds the public it does not call residents who have active warrants for their arrest and solicit money from them.

It also reminds residents who may receive a telephone call about a warrant for their arrest, to not give out any financial or personal information, and end their conversation immediately.

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