1. On average, there is an accident involving semi-trailer trucks on I-80 in Wyoming every other day.

2. There are over six times as many accidents involving semi-trailer trucks on I-80 than I-25. Over the past 20 years, trucks on Interstate 80 in Wyoming have been involved in over 4,000 accidents. In that same time period, there have been just over 600 accidents involving trucks on Interstate 25.

3. Since 1996, there have been an average of 9.9 semi-trailer truck accidents for every mile of Interstate 80's 402.78 mile stretch through Wyoming.

4. In 2014, one out of every 7 accidents in the state of Wyoming invloved a semi-trailer truck.

5. Interstate 80, which runs nearly 3,000 miles from California to New Jersey, is the seventh most dangerous highway in America.

6. Wyoming has the highest percentage of fatal accidents in the country, per capita.

7. While several other states have passed laws lowering speed limits for semi-trailer trucks or prohibiting them from driving in the left lane, the issue hasn't even been discussed in the Wyoming State Legislature for over a decade.

In a recent interview, Representative Wayne Johnson, leader of the Wyoming House Transportation and Highways Committee, admitted, "I don't think anyone has brought it up."


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