We've all seen the pictures. Heck some of those pictures might be ones of our own.  The photos I'm speaking of are the family photos where a child is crying or screaming while sitting on Santa's lap.  And just in case you haven't noticed - Santa can be Scary!

Sensational Kids of Casper is hosting a FREE photo with Santa event for kids who might be sensitive to the stress that can be associated comes with a visit to Santa.

This event was created for ALL children who might have difficult time trying to handle the sensory overload of the typical mall Santa.

This event, although free, is limited and a reserved time slot is necessary.

Sensitive Santa will be in Casper at Sensational Kids on Sunday December 20th - from  9:00-4:00.

They are currently scheduling 15 minute individual time slots for each child so there are no lines to wait in.

Please contact Sensitive Santa through the Sensational Kids Facebook Page or call the office at 307-234-9360 to schedule a time slot. There are about 14 slots available at the time of this posting.  Please schedule as soon as possible so the staff can find the best time to accommodate your family.