Get ready for the T. Rex references, because this one's got that certain kind of boogie.

Scott Weiland, along with his band the Wildabouts, have no shame in their shuffle with the new song, 'Way She Moves.' The latest track from Weiland and company seems intent on getting people who've had too much to drink out on the dance floor.

At least most of the time it does, anyway. Just when you've accepted that the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman seems to have found his figurative voice -- and that voice doesn't necessarily match your expectations -- here comes the same old STP-style chorus, banging the same chords that we got used to back in the '90s.

But the song still warrants multiple plays and has us feeling good about Weiland's upcoming solo album, 'Blaster' -- his first in almost seven years. 'Way She Moves' includes a solo section almost too cool for the rest of the song, and even the predictable chorus is hum-worthy. Give it a listen and judge for yourself: