The other day I came across one of these little swords. They're often used in sandwiches or cheeseburgers you order to keep everything stacked and neat when carried from the kitchen to your table. Me? I always thought they were the free gift that came with your order to accessorize your action figures when I was growing up.

Growing up, most weekends my dad would play in his band at local bars and clubs. When he'd come back home, he'd usually have one or two of these in his pocket to give us kids for fun. I never knew what they were for - I thought they were just giving them out where ever he went. Every once in a while he'd bring back a tropical umbrella, too, which was better suited for my sister's Barbie dolls, but I could never have enough of these swords.

I know they're available in most stores still but seeing one 'in the wild' brought back a lot of good memories.

Do you have little things like that where, when you see them, a flood of memories of your youth come back, too?