In the latest edition of Rolling Stone, there’s one talent some may know from Wyo. Luke Bell made a 2016 list!

On Luke’s Facebook page, he posted the same link to the Rolling Stone’s piece. Well, of course he did! Wouldn’t anyone be just as proud? (“I’m in Rolling Freakin’ Stone!”)

From “15 Great Country & Americana Albums You Didn’t Hear in 2016,” here's part of the RS review : “…  Luke Bell is one of the more exciting new entries into the canon, with his self-titled debut a deftly assembled collection of songs … showcases the raw emotion behind Bell's baritone. The Wyoming-born artist manages to pay homage to an earlier age without ever sounding like he's merely imitating it - never an easy feat.”

We imagine this former University of Wyoming student was once right at home among Laramie's live music.

You might like Luke’s bio on the top left of his homepage"I grew up in Wyoming till the age of 21. I then spent two years in Austin playing at the Hole in the Wall and the White Horse mainly with a couple bands. I moved to New Orleans for several months and did seasonal ranch work in Wyoming - for now I'm in Nashville. I like work, cowboy culture, just plain good songs, honky-tonks, real life people, my dog, and my 95 Buick."

We like those things too, Luke - and this video as well, thanks.