Rolling Stone magazine had the distinct privilege of spending some significant time with the Foo Fighters recently (thanks to the band gracing the current issue’s cover). In addition to the massive feature, today (Nov. 24) the magazine shared 10 things that writer David Fricke learned while hanging out with the one and only, Dave Grohl.

The list highlights some mildly interesting things, like how when producer Butch Vig told Grohl to use a click track for Nirvana’s ‘Lithium,’ the drummer instead freaked out and killed the song in one take (sans click track). Or how Grohl looks at his guitar like a drum kit. “The low E string is the kick drum,” he says. “The A and D strings are snares. The G, B and high E are the cymbals.”

The curtain gets pulled back even further as Fricke also chats with Grohl’s bandmates; guitarist Chris Shiflett admits that he’s constantly worried about this or that paycheck being his last, but confidently says, “We’re committed to something here.”

Did you know Grohl gets stage fright? Or have you heard the story of Grohl jamming with Prince? Check out the entire list here, and if you’re intrigued, pick up the latest issue of Rolling Stone with the Foos on the cover.

You Think You Know the Foo Fighters?