Revenge Suicide is a 22-year-old Suicide Girl from Paris, France. She is also that supreme rarity in today’s modern age: she claims to be a virgin. Revenge Suicide even has a tattoo of a pixie-ish child in virginal garb on her right hip.

That’s right; we’ll give you a moment to deal with all that.

Revenge Suicide also loves chocolate, massages and body modifications. When you think about it, losing your virginity is sort of the ultimate body/mind modification for both men and women, so perhaps there is some sort of ruse going on here.

NAME: Revenge Suicide

AGE: 22


OCCUPATION: Photography

MAKES HER HAPPY: Friends, family, sun, music, taking pictures, making tattoos.

MAKES HER SAD: Maybe regrets..

HOBBIES: Photography, music, arts, concerts, literature, shopping.

VICES: Chocolate, anger, cigarettes, sensitiveness, bod mod.

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