Retirees will do almost anything for entertainment once they are done working.  Some move to Florida while others join clubs to make things in their spare time.  One group of retirees in Milton, MA is spending their golden years in a truly odd way: knitting sweaters for chickens.

Yesterday a story was posted about this group of retirees that are knitting sweaters for chickens in New England so that the chickens wouldn't get cold during the winter.  Organizer Nancy Kearns said that chickens shed their feathers so they can grow warmer plumage in the winter, but some chickens that are from exotic places aren't evolved enough to do that, so the winters are hard for them.  Spokesperson for a nearby chicken estate, Erica Max, says that the chickens actually like wearing the sweaters and that egg production has skyrocketed since the sweaters have been made!

All we want to know is, how does Erica know that the chickens like the sweaters?  Maybe they’re secretly plotting to have a massive sweater burn pile.

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