Sometimes you get married, put on a few pounds and, before you know it, you're no longer able to take your ring off. Not that you should just be taking your wedding ring off, but other rings as well. Perhaps you have a new baby and don't want to scratch them with your rings or, from pregnancy or water retention or having a broken arm your finger looses circulation and needs to be removed, but can't. Often times doctors will simply cut the ring off, which isn't fair or very nice.

If you need to, here's a way you can remove your ring from a swollen finger.

You'll need the elastic band from an oxygen mask or, as you can see in the video, any of this type of elastic band will work.

The trick is to wrap your finger tightly with the band, then shove the end through the ring and unwrap it from the other side of the ring. As you'll see, it will spiral off your finger.