I was recently sharing stories of my run ins with a weapon of mass destruction. It all happened over a decade ago. The most recognizable name in MMA was none other than Chuck Liddell. This guy was built like a brick house and dominated the octagon. Yours truly somehow managed to run into "the champ" multiple times, and always slightly inebriated.

My first run in with Liddell was shortly after his win against Tito Ortiz in 2004. The night after his big fight in Vegas, I ran into Chuck at the Pure Nightclub @ Caesar's Palace. Being "slightly buzzed," I wasted no time propositioning Liddell to a fight. He knew right off the bat that he could destroy me, and laughed. We shook hands and went on about our night.

Fast Forward to 2006, when I found myself in Chuck's hometown of San Luis Obispo. During a road trip though California, I found myself at a nightclub in downtown San Luis Obispo. Chuck was there with his girlfriend. I thought nothing of it. Until I got just enough liquid courage in me to hit the dance floor. In my attempt to "bust a move," I accidentally hip checked Chuck's girl. Like Moses parting the Red Sea, the dance floor emptied as Chuck came to his lady's rescue. I apologized and knew that death was near. The "champ" was flaring his nostrils and thankfully was led away by his better half. But, as near death experiences go, that was the closest I have been.

See what happens to Jackass Steve-O, when Chuck Liddell chokes him out.

NSFW: Language