Just in time for Halloween, there's a new list ranking the "Creepiest Urban Legend In Every State".  Their choice for Wyoming's scariest story is The Platte River Death Ship. 

For over a century, locals have reported this strange and unsettling apparition. Images of the infamous ship rise out of fog in late fall along the Platte River, between Alcova and Torrington. According to lore, if you see it, someone you know will die.

The legend dates back to 1862, when a trapper allegedly witnessed a ship covered with frost sailing down the Platte. The ship’s crew was huddled around the body of his fiancee, who was found dead later that day.

In 1887, a cattleman near Guernsey claimed he saw the image of his wife on the ship. She died later that day. In 1903, another man was chopping down a tree near the Bessemer Bend in Casper when he saw the body of a friend laid out on the ship’s deck. His friend also passed away that day.

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