There have been rumors of a potential Pantera reunion for years, and the possibility was once again brought up when Mayhem Festival chief John Reese recently revealed that he had approached the three living members about getting back together for a reunion concert. Vocalist Philip Anselmo now says in a new interview that this has not been the only offer, but that it's time to move on.

Speaking with The Metal Den, the vocalist explains, "We've been approached a bunch of times. But the truth is the wind only blows one way one time. You know the truth of the whole matter is I have moved on. And I move forward. And I think Vinnie Paul has done the same thing. And I think Rex has moved in his own direction."

He adds, "We could talk all in circles all day but the truth of the matter is that if you don’t have the willingness of the remaining living members, then it’s not there. We had plenty of offers. But Vince is doing what he wants to do and all we can do is respect that."

But that being said, Anselmo is aware that there is a large portion of the band's fan base who would like to see a reunion and if all three members were agreeable, he'd be on board. "I’ll tell you what, I would do it in a f--king heartbeat. If everybody was on board, I would do it in a f--king heartbeat," says Anselmo. "Because I think with the added truth that … it would be in honor of our fallen brother Dimebag… that would motivate me to do it absolutely a hundred percent for no other reason, other than you and the contingency of people … who want to see it … or the whole generation or two that missed out on it. I get all of that. I get all sides of it. So count me in jack! Believe me, if the phone call came tomorrow I’d be the first one doing pushups!"

But as Anselmo stated, he has moved on and with quite a bit of passion for a variety of projects. Down remains his most high profile gig and he reveals there will be another EP in their series of EPs. Plus, there are more gigs and a new album en route in 2016 from the reunited Superjoint. Plus, Anselmo has his solo band The Illegals and a much rumored death metal project. And he appears on the upcoming Metal Allegiance disc. On top of all that, he's in the process of putting together the third annual Housecore Horror Festival for this fall.

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