In 2013, legendary Pantera / Down vocalist Philip Anselmo and best-selling true crime author Corey Mitchell launched an event like no other: the Housecore Horror Film Festival. The Austin, Texas, event screened well over 100 films and showcased some of metal's finest acts over a three-day period in October. In a new interview premiering exclusively on Loudwire, both Anselmo and Mitchell reflect on the fest's first incarnation following the recent announcement that it will be back again in 2014.

Along with Down + Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals, Housecore Horror attracted GWAR, Goatwhore, Melvins, Pig Destroyer, Goblin + many more acts. It also featured a rare appearance by the one-and-only Jose Mojica Marins (aka Coffin Joe).

"It got to be this massive thing, in my opinion," Anselmo tells the All Purpose Show. "I did not expect it at all when we originally started doing this, and Corey, you really started whooping ass." Mitchell adds, "I feel like where we are already today is where we should have been in the fifth year."

Anselmo continues, "It's flattering. It's like everything is coming full circle, man. From all the decades of staring at these horror films -- it's paying off! Two of my favorite things to do in life is turn people on to music and films, and this is almost like this gigantic extension of my living room."

As mentioned, the Housecore Horror Film Festival recently announced that it will return in 2014. The fest will invade Austin once again from Oct. 23-26.

Check out the full interview with Philip Anselmo and Corey Mitchell above!