We've all seen ridiculous public service announcements about a wide range of topics, and this one is towards the top of the list. The Philadelphia Police Department decided to make a PSA about how bad drugs can be, but instead of doing the work themselves, they just ripped off an old classic. 

The PSA takes place at Bayside High, with the cast of the late '80s/early '90s hit TV show, Saved By the Bell.  All of the cast members give their one word responses about drugs. But, just as a teacher enters the classroom, the Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey's face gets superimposed over his in an attempt to make it seem like Ramsey is actually in the PSA. Ramsey's voice is even dubbed in, making him say, "Hi, I'm Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey."

Well done, Philadelphia Police Department, on putting the least possible work int your anti-drug PSA.