Just as Clark Kent conceals that he is Superman, now you can hide that inner nerd under the paint on your car. Some fanboys on the web are hiding some comic book heroes under the top layer of paint, and when it reaches a higher temperature the image below is revealed (by using hot water.) It’s called thermochromic paint.

The concept has been around for some time. In the 70’s there were mood rings. In the 80s there were Hypercolor t-shirts. Also Hot Wheels came out with the color changing toys. Where you put the car in cold water it is one color. Dip it in warm water and different color all together. Now people have taken that to full sized automobiles.

The paint changes color at 86 degrees to reveal what is below. You can even buy the pigment online for around $30. But just as it is easy to find lumber, it takes skill to build a house.

Check out these videos of some thermo paint jobs on these tricked out cars. It’s worth a peak.