Hey you! P.O.D. are back and making sure that you know that you're appreciated. The band has just unleashed their new track "This Goes Out to You" from the band's upcoming album The Awakening. In addition, they've given a little more insight on what to expect from that new disc.

Singer Sonny Sandoval tells Billboard, who premiered the single, that the idea originated with producer Howard Benson, who has overseen some of the band's biggest hits. "Howard said, 'Let's do this for the fans who have been there for 23 years, who are growing with you and love your band and get you and your bigger-picture ideas, but let's also make it accessible for other listeners and fans."

As you can hear, "This Goes Out to You" sounds like a quintessential P.O.D. track, a high-energy rocker with enough melody and hooks to draw in the listener. As stated, the track will appear on The Awakening album, due Aug. 21. Those who pre-order the effort via iTunes will get "This Goes Out to You" instantly. You can pre-order the disc via Amazon and potentially end up with an autographed copy. There's also the option to get the disc on vinyl.

Bassist Traa Daniel says of the album, "[It's] definitely an evolution from where we've come from. It's this amazing piece of art that we've been able to put together as four guys who are like brothers -- this is really special."

The Awakening is meant to be listened to in its entirety,” says Sandoval. “Every song ultimately explores a character dealing with life, making mistakes, fighting, trying. But we also live in a singles-type world, and it works on that level, too.”

Guitarist Marcos Curiel states, “I used to want to put as many tracks of guitar on the record as I could, because I thought that’s what you did. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that the more space you’re letting in with all the instruments, everything breathes and has an energy and a vibe.”

“I feel this is like a pivotal moment for P.O.D.,” concludes drummer Wuv Bernardo. “It’s more than just `Man, we just went in the studio and did a record…’ The urgency of our band, as far as how serious we are putting this kind of material in there and the way that we did it, blows my mind. I am proud of these guys, of us.”

Earlier this year, Sandoval told us, "We’ve been all over the place because we are punk, hardcore, rock ‘n’ roll, metal, reggae and I think sometimes it might be too much diversity and kids are lost. It’s too big of a buffet for them to go for and they want three chords sometimes. We’re never going to do that. We’re putting something together that tells a story. Maybe it’s just for us, maybe it’s not for your average listener but it’s something we’re having a lot of fun doing. We’re excited."

And getting in on the excitement are a pair of special guests -- In This Moment's Maria Brink and Sick of It All's Lou Koller. Brink appears on a track called "Criminal Conversations" while Koller rocks on "Revolucion." See the album's full track listing and artwork below.

Look for P.O.D. hitting the road later this month to kick off support of their forthcoming album. Dates can be found at this location.

P.O.D., The Awakening Track Listing

1. "Am I Awake"
2. "This Goes Out to You"
3. "Rise of NWO"
4. "Criminal Conversations" (feat. Maria Brink)
5. "Somebody's Trying to Kill Me"
6. "Get Down"
7. "Speed Demon"
8. "Want It All"
9. "Revolución" (feat. Lou Koller)
10. "The Awakening

P.O.D., The Awakening Album Art

P.O.D. The Awakening
T-Boy / UMe

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