Thrash veterans Overkill had originally planned on releasing a new album this month, but the follow-up to 2012's 'The Electric Age' was postponed, as were some tour dates.

In a statement back in January, the band said, "We are still working on the new record, but this is gonna be worth the wait, with more old school face-melting thrash!" Now the band has given fans some new anticipation as they've tweeted out when the new album will be unleashed:

In a recent interview, frontman Bobby Blitz talked about the new album: "The new record has a blend of what we’ve done over the past half decade. I’m noticing it’s a more punchy heavy metal record with more dimension than the last record had. Where is it going to end up on the food chain? I really don’t know."

"But my feeling is it’s an eclectic collection of moments from us," Blitz continues. "‘The Electric Age’ came across, to me, as kind of a two-dimensional thrash record. This one is punchy but has a whole different bunch of ways to go and things to hear on it.”

Overkill are currently on tour in Europe,with a show tonight (March 20) in Bochum, Germany. The trek wraps up March 29, and their calendar is currently clear after that until a Sept. 16 show in Houston, Texas.