Otherwise emerged in 2012 and 2013 as one of hard rock's breakout bands, but the group is now ready to move on from their 'True Love Never Dies' debut disc. In a new update, the band reveals that they've begun recording sessions for a sophomore effort.

The group revealed that the sophomore effort will be titled 'Peace At All Costs' and the disc is on schedule for a late summer / early fall street date courtesy of Century Media Records. The band is currently working at Audio Mix House and Vegas View Recording Studios in their hometown of Las Vegas, where they've secured producer David Bottrill to oversee the recording.

Frontman Adrian Patrick stated after the first day in the studio, "We've always felt different from other bands; not just as performers but as people, also. Being in the studio with an elite producer like David Bottrill, knowing his impressively diverse resume & discerning taste in the artists he chooses to work with, only reinforces our resolve. Our next album, 'Peace At All Costs,' will prove what we are capable of."

Though the studio will take up a majority of their time in the coming months, Otherwise will duck out for the studio to enjoy the light of day at the 'Earthday Birthday' festival in Orlando, Fla. on April 12, where they'll perform alongside Alter Bridge, All That Remains, Filter, Lacuna Coil, Nonpoint, Soil, Eve to Adam and many more.