This week, a group of hackers released information exposing users of, the website which helps to facilitate extra marital affairs.

Thanks to a new online map, we now know how many of those users live here in Wyoming. The map reveals just how popular the online service was. Here in the Cowboy State, cheaters were exposed in over 60 towns.

While it doesn't reveal personal information, the map does indicate the percentage of men who visited the site in each city. In Casper, for example, over 87% of Ashley Madison visitors were men. The statistics were similar in Cheyenne, where just over 85% were men. Meanwhile, in Laramie, men comprised nearly 91% of site's users.

Want to find out which towns have the highest rates of online infidelity? Click on this link, scroll over to get to Wyoming and zoom in. You can also search for individual users exposed in the hack, or find out if you've been exposed, by entering an e-mail address here.